Why we using Poly Urethanes in Footwear?

Poly Urethane footwear system is the product of a chemical reaction between an engineered polyol resin-blend and a specific isocyanate (prepolymer).In the case of micro-cellular structures, a blowing agent is used for expansion. Huntsman Polyurethanes uses only water for blowing purposes. A wide range of effects can be created through the use of additives and by modifying formulations and processing.

These unique properties give designers and manufacturers the freedom to create innovative designs that are in step with fashion and technological change. Polyurethanes can be made light, tough, comfortable, flexible, insulating, waterproof, slip-resistant, hard-wearing and shock absorbent as required, simply by varying the formulation. They can have an almost endless variety of shapes, surface textures and colors, and incorporate voids, inserts or dual-densities for extra comfort and support.
Using polyurethanes, the manufacturer is well placed to address special needs, such as anti-static properties, improved abrasion resistance, low-temperature flexibility and resistance to hydrolysis, microbial action and ultra violet yellowing. This is especially suitable for applications such as sport plates for soccer, golf and baseball boots, skate and ski boots, top pieces for women's fashion shoes; molded heels for women's shoes, and non-slip soles and units as well as decorative inserts.

Polyurethanes are either polyester or polyether-based, depending on the physical and mechanical properties required, and can be either injection or pour-molded. They are easy to process, entail relatively low tooling and manpower costs, offer flexibility for long and short production runs, and are in line with environmental standards.Add together the extra scope they give to be creative and fast off the mark with new designs, the production advantages and user benefits of comfort, abrasion-resistance and durability, and you have a material that is outstanding in performance.

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